Chinese passenger opens emergency door ‘to get some fresh air’ just before take-off

  • A Chinese passenger opened an emergency exit door just before the plane was about to take off
  • The man said he just wanted “to get some fresh air”
  • The flight was delayed for nearly an hour as cabin crew had to rush outside to close the door
  • It is the latest in the string of similar incidents that highlighted the behavior of traveling Chinese passengers

A local flight in China was delayed for nearly an hour after a male passenger opened the plane’s emergency door moments before it was scheduled for take-off.

When querried, the man simply said he just wanted ‘to breath some fresh air’.

The China Southern Airlines flight no. CZ3693 with 130 passengers bound for the northwestern region of Urumqi in Xinjiang Uygur was forced to wait for another clearance to takeoff after the man complained about being ‘too stuffy’ inside the cabin and yanked open an exit door.

The incident happened on Tuesday, March 9, and has again put in the limelight the questionable behaviors of Chinese passengers and tourists who are travelling to other parts of the world for supposedly damaging the image of the country.

According to a Daily Mail report, the flight was originally scheduled to leave at 9:55 am but cabin crew had to rush outside and close the emergency door. The flight waited for more than 40 minutes before it was given another green signal to take-off at 10:52 am.

It is not clear whether the man was detained, but Chinese Aviation Law states that anyone who deliberately endangers the flight safety and causes serious concerns among passengers on board will be held criminally liable. (Click here to read more)


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