Husband in shock after wife turned up on TV two years after her ‘death’

  • A husband was shocked after his wife turned up on TV two years after he buried her
  • The woman supposedly died after a violent car crash
  • The man himself buried the body he took from the hospital
  • Theories abound on what really happened and why it took two years for the woman to reappear

A Moroccan man got the shock of his life after his wife turned up on a television program; two years after she died following a violent car crash.

For nearly two years, Abragh Mohamed from Azilal in central Morocco has been living as a widower after ‘losing’ his beloved wife to a road accident. After all, he himself buried his wife after she ‘died’.

Mohamed recalled he and his wife were involved in an accident nearly two years ago and he had taken his injured wife to the Casablanca Ibn Rochd hospital for treatment before leaving her to get some cash at home.

It took him almost 4 hours for the round trip. But after returning to the hospital, he was told his wife had died.

Mohamed collected the woman’s body which was already wrapped in shroud then buried it.

Two years later, he received a call from a friend informing him that his ‘dead’ wife has reappeared on the television program Al Mokhtafoun ( or “The Disappeared”); a popular Moroccan national program that helps relatives track their missing loved ones.

The woman said she has been searching for her husband whom she had lost contact with for two years. (Click here to read more)


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