Husband sells 18-month-old baby to buy iPhone, bike without wife’s knowledge

  • A Chinese couple faced imprisonment for selling their 18-month-old baby
  • The husband sold their daughter online without her wife’s knowledge
  • He bought an iPhone and a motorbike from the money he collected
  • The baby remains with the buyer’s sister

A Chinese man was sentenced to prison for selling their 18-month old daughter for 23,000 Chinese yuans ($3,500) to buy an iPhone and a motorbike.

According to Shanghaiist, husband A Duan and his wife Xiaomei (not their real names) from Fujian province faced trial last week for the crime. The man was accused of selling their baby without the consent of the mother.

The couple met in 2013 but could not marry because both were under the legal age. However, Xiaomei eventually conceived and gave birth to a baby girl.

The wife had been working temporary jobs while the man spent most of his time on internet cafes.

After realizing their baby could be a financial burden for both of them, the biological father found he could actually sell her on the internet.

He found an interested buyer on QQ; a popular social media platform in China. The buyer purchased the baby for his sister for 23,000 Chinese yuans.

The husband, after collecting the money, immediately bought an iPhone and a motorbike for himself. (Click here to read more)


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