McDonald’s service crew earns praises for feeding a PWD customer

  • A McDonald’s service crew was pictured feeding a PWD customer with a burger in Taiwan
  • The heartwarming scene has melted the hearts of netizens worldwide
  • The service crew in the photo is a 19-year-old university student
  • The company said it will be awarding the young man for his kind gesture

Another commendable act by a fastfood service crew is tugging at the heartstrings of many social media users. This time the praiseworthy gesture took place in Taiwan.

The heartwarming scene inside a McDonald’s outlet was captured on camera and shared on Facebook five days ago by a user named Li Ting.

According to a Shanghaiist article, Ms. Li’s caption is translated as: “There are few people like him in today’s society. I had a snack at a McDonald’s with my friends the other evening. I was really moved after seeing this.”

In the picture, the service crew can be seen feeding a hamburger to a customer who is a PWD (person with disability).

“The worker didn’t discriminate against the disabled, but instead, he fed him the burger with love and patience. Thank you for your compassion. You gave him a full meal and he can continue to live his life. His boss should give him a raise!” the caption added. (Click here to read more)


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