Woman pays for man’s $7 grocery; he returns the favor by donating $10,000 to charity in her name

  • A woman paid for a stranger’s $7 grocery bill just days before Christmas after he lost his wallet while shopping at an Aldi supermarket
  • She received a pleasant surprise several weeks later
  • The man, who wished to remain anonymous, donated $10,000 in her name at a cancer institute where she works

When Tracy Warshal chanced upon a stranger who could not pay for his $7 grocery, the 39-year-old woman from Smyrna, Georgia readily stepped up and foot the bill. After all it was Christmas time and the spirit of giving was in the air.

What happens several weeks later, however, brought a pleasant surprise for Tracy; the kind of thing she never expected.

Tracy said she saw the man behind her in the line struggling to pay for his grocery just days before Christmas at an Aldi supermarket because he lost his wallet. Without saying much, Tracy offered to pay the bill, then wished the stranger a ‘Merry Christmas’ and left.

“It would have been more of a headache for him to go out and find his wallet,” she told ABC News.

The man asked for her name, and she gave only her first name – Tracy.

Late in January, Tracy was surprised after she was informed that $10,000 had been donated in her name.

Tracy is working as a scheduling coordinator for the Piedmont Cancer Institute; an affiliate of Piedmont Healthcare. It turned out she was wearing a shirt with ‘Piedmont’ printed on the front side on that day she stopped at Aldi.

But that, and her first name, proved to be enough for the man to track her down. (Click here to read more)


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