alikbayan box contents replaced with newspapers, bundles of mails?

  • An OFW from Hong Kong lost most of her balikbayan goods
  • She sent the package through the SpeedPost
  • After waiting for weeks, the box finally arrived in Bulacan
  • But the box contents were missing and were replaced with newspapers and mails

032114MANILA, Philippines – Apparently, the mystery of the balikbayan box’s contents missing in government agencies hasn’t been solved yet.

Another overseas Filipino worker (OFW) has fallen victim to the magic-like disappearances of balikbayan box goods which were suddenly turned into strange things like newspapers and ordinary mails.

The story is told this time by Ailyne Gumabon, an OFW in Hong Kong who allegedly lost more than three-quarters of the goods she sent to the Philippines for her loved ones.

According to Gumabon’s Facebook post, she sent a balikbayan box through SpeedPost on February 16, 2016.

The box supposedly contained 6 pairs of shoes, 6 shirts, a short, a bag, a cup and 32 pieces of chocolates. She even provided a consignment receipt for her package with her husband, Enrico Gumabon as the recipient in the Philippines.

Weeks have passed but her husband has not received any message informing him that the package has arrived, which is supposed to take only three days according to the post office. A check with the post office in Hong Kong revealed the package has been with the Bureau of Customs in Manila since February 17.

But when Mr. Gumabon went to claim the box, he was told it wasn’t there and could have been delivered to another location. (Click here to read more)


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