Homeless man who regularly cleans beaches for free finally lands a job

  • A businessman met a homeless guy who had been cleaning the beach for free
  • The homeless man, who is also jobless, said he only wants to care for the environment and wants the place to always look nice for the tourists
  • He eventually landed a job with the help of the kindhearted businessman
  • His story went viral on social media early this month

032212When businessman Jay Margolis from Cape Town, South Africa chanced upon a homeless, jobless stranger who has been cleaning the beaches for free, his first thought was to help the man land on his feet again.

His effort was not put to waste as the homeless guy now landed a job, and even a temporary shelter while he starts his life all over again.

Margolis, an entrepreneur, met Siyabulela “Dan” Magobiyane while waiting for a client at the Bantry Bay early in March. He noticed the man putting bags of rubbish into a trash bin every half-an-hour.

It turns out, Magobiyane has been cleaning up the beach without anyone asking him, or paying him to do the job.

After striking a conversation with the homeless guy, Margolis found out Magobiyane was doing it out of his love for the environment and to make the place always look nice to the tourists.

“Turns out, ‘he’s embarrassed about the pollution, and wants the beaches looking good for the tourists, and for the sea’”, Margolis wrote in his Facebook post.

“He hasn’t been asked to do this, and doesn’t have a job. He goes on to tell me that he cleans the beaches every day, and for no reason other than he wants to “make the place nice””, the businessman said. (Click here to read more)

Margolis (R) with Magobiyane


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