IT expert who exposed ‘faulty’ security procedures in $81-M heist still missing

  • The IT expert who participated in the investigation of the $81-M heist has gone missing for days
  • He exposed the senior bank official’s alleged negligence that allowed hackers to steal the money
  • The family believed he may have been abducted by the authorities after speaking to the media about his allegations

The IT researcher and expert who blamed the Bangladeshi government over its weak and faulty security protocol that led to the stealing of $81-M heist by hackers has been missing for days.

Tanveer Hassan Zoha, a computer expert who is involved in the investigation of the multi-million electronic fraud reportedly went missing since Wednesday night, March 16.

The family has reported the incident to the Bhashantek police station but did not file any formal complaint after receiving a phone call from someone.

But the family claimed the police refused to receive their general diary on the incident despite going to at least three police stations.

Zoha’s wife, Dr. Kamrun Nahar Chowdhury, has appealed to the Bangladeshi prime minister, home minister and the law enforcement agencies to locate the whereabouts of her husband. Her last contact with him was via a telephone call around 11:30 pm on Wednesday. (Click here to read more)


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