Shameful: Chinese tourists slammed for shoveling food using plates at a Thai resto

  • Chinese tourists were criticized online for ‘behaving badly’ at a buffet restaurant in Thailand
  • Men and women were seen shoveling foods using plates
  • Most of the foods ended up unconsumed and wasted
  • A video of the incident went viral on Thailand


PHUKET, Thailand – In yet another embarrassing episode showing how Chinese tourists behaved outside their country, a video surfaced on social media showing them shovelling food using plates at a buffet restaurant in Thailand.

The shocking incident reportedly took place at a hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand during the weekend.

But what incensed the Thai netizens more is the fact that a huge part of the foods were left unconsumed and just turned to waste.

In the viral video that has been viewed by millions around the world, men and women can be seen fighting it out for their share of plates of prawns. At least one woman can be seen taking 3 full plates all to herself.

A photo of the aftermath later showed tables full of unconsumed food totally gone to waste.

Those who have viewed the short clip – Thai and Chinese alike – were appalled at such display of tasteless attitude and total lack of manners of Chinese tourists.

 “What on earth? Have you never eaten shrimp before? Could you lose any more face abroad?” the Shanghaiist quoted one disgusted commenter as saying.

“Chinese people need to be taught basic mannerism, so greedy about everything and rude,” said another. (Click here to read more)


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