After online fame, hundreds show up to eat burgers with ‘Sad Papaw’

  • ‘Sad Papaw’s’ family arranged a burger cookout for America’s loneliest grandfather
  • Hundreds of visitors showed up at the event and enjoyed Papaw’s famed burgers
  • Some visitors came as far as California
  • ‘Sad Papaw’s family is hoping the cookout would serve as a reminder for everyone to always spend time with their relatives, especially grandparents

Now it’s not only his grandkids but hundreds of strangers who showed up and enjoyed the burgers at the cookout arranged by relatives of Kenny ‘Sad Papaw’ Harmon of Oklahoma for the 66-year-old grandfather.

Harmon earned online fame last week after one of his grandchildren posted a photo on Twitter of the retiree looking somber while eating burger alone at his table. He was dubbed as “America’s saddest grandfather”.

His story has earned tears of sympathy online after grandkid Kelsey said the old man invited his six grandchildren for dinner but it was only her who showed up at the table.

Kelsey captioned the photo “He made 12 burgers for all six grandkids and I’m the only one who showed (up). love him” and the post has since gone viral on social media.

On Saturday, ‘Sad Papaw’s’ relatives decided to arrange a burger cookout for visitors at the family’s flea market in Purcell, Oklahoma and invited everyone.

And not surprisingly, hundreds have answered to the invitation; with some coming from as far as California like Sharon Fernandez.

“It was sad, you know? Here he makes this dinner for his grandchildren, but I understand it, we all have busy lives,” Fernandez told NY Daily News. (Click here to read more)


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