And the world’s worst cities for rush hour traffic are…

  • Tom Tom has released its traffic index for 2016
  • Mexico City topped the list with the worst gridlock during rush hour
  • Metro Manila was not included in the list
  • Global congestion has risen by 13 percent since 2008

Traffic gridlocks, bumper-to-bumper cars and undisciplined motorists are but a few common scenarios in Metro Manila traffic especially during rush hours.

But in the recently released Tom Tom Traffic Index 2016, Metro Manila was nowhere in the list of 295 cities in 38 countries with the worst traffic congestion at any given day.

The reason for this is Tom Tom probably excluded the Philippines in the list as the data represents only 20 percent of the total number of countries in the world.

Nevertheless, it would have been interesting if the Metro Manila data were included in the study.

In Tom Tom’s traffic index, the overall congestion level (in percentage) is measured by comparing the extra travel time during peak hours against free-flowing conditions.

Mexico City, which topped this year’s list, is where drivers spend almost 60 percent of extra travel time getting stuck in traffic.

The ten cities (all city sizes) with the worst traffic in the world during rush hour include: (Click here to read more)


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