Elderly woman demands compensation, calls for ambulance after getting ‘hit’ by a toy car?

  • An elderly woman in China was knocked over by a toy car driven by a toddler on the pavement
  • She allegedly demanded compensation and called for an ambulance
  • The woman was mocked online for supposedly trying to extort money by faking her injury
  • Reportedly, the woman indeed received treatment for a fractured arm

An elderly woman in China became the subject of online ridicule after she was captured on video refusing to get up from the pavement after getting ‘hit’ by a toy car driven by a young girl who obviously had no idea what a ‘hit and run’ means.

In the viral clip, the woman can be heard arguing with the mother of the toddler while holding on to the toy car, preventing the ‘suspect’ to run off.

The ‘freak accident’ took place on March 21 at Wushan County in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan.

According to Next Shark, the ‘victim’ was engaged in a heated argument with the mother and allegedly demanded compensation after being knocked over by the girl’s car. She also purportedly claimed the girl was driving on the pavement without a license.

“I was here, and you knocked me over,” she was heard as telling the girl.

The 78-year-old woman was eventually persuaded to board an ambulance and received treatment for her injury.

Netizens in China were quick to react to the viral clip, accusing the old woman of trying to extort money from the mother by faking an injury.

“It’s not that seniors have become bad. It’s that hooligans have become old,” one commenter said.

“Let me tell you this old woman is smart. Nowadays, cars have dashboard cameras. But toy cars don’t have them … so blackmail works!” added another. (Click here to read more)


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