FB users lament uncollected trash people left at camping site

  • A photo of uncollected trash at a camping site is going viral on social media
  • Netizens lamented the depressing sight that supposedly showed the people’s lack of discipline and lack of respect for Mother Nature
  • It was not known where the picture was taken but it could have happened during the Holy Week

MANILA, Philippines – A picture is going viral on Facebook, and obviously for all the wrong reasons. Social media users said it showed the hypocrisy of the Filipino people who frequently complained about the government’s incompetence and yet they themselves failed to do their part.

The viral photo is purportedly an ultimate proof of how the Filipinos can be undisciplined at times.

The scene showed the aftermath at a camping site where plastic bags, bottles and other trashes were left scattered all over the place, uncollected.

The picture was taken by one Tan Smith and shared on the Facebook page Philippines Shocking History. It was immediately flooded with negative reactions from netizens.

“Dapat talaga na magsimula sa sarili ang pagbabago, bago maghimutok at iaasa sa gobyerno ang suliranin na kapwa Pilipino rin ang may gawa,” one of the top comments said. [Change has to really begin from among us, before we blame the government for the problem we ourselves created.]

Many blamed the people’s lack of discipline for such a depressing sight that also showed lack of respect for Mother Nature. (Click here to read more)


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