Shopkeeper stabbed dead by fellow Muslim after greeting ‘Christian nation’ a ‘Happy Easter’

  • A shopkeeper was stabbed more than 30 times by a fellow Muslim for greeting the Christian nation a ‘Happy Easter’
  • The suspect admitted the attack was ‘religiously motivated’
  • More than $40,000 have been raised to support the victim’s family

A shopkeeper in Glasgow was stabbed to death by a fellow Muslim after the former posted messages on social media wishing his friends and customers a ‘Happy Easter’ on Thursday, March 25.

Asad Shah, 40, was tending his shop in Shawlands when a bearded man wearing a ‘long religious’ robe’ reportedly entered the store around 9 pm and confronted him about the messages he posted on social media greeting his Christian friends celebrating the Easter.

Shah was stabbed with a kitchen knife at least 30 times in the head and in the body by the suspect. He died in the hospital hours later.

Before the brutal killing, Shah had posted on his social media account messages for his friends and customers. He wrote: “Good Friday and a very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation.”

“Let’s follow the real footstep of beloved holy Jesus Christ and get the real success in both world,” his next post read.

In another video posted on his Facebook, Shah reacted to the recent terrorist attack in Brussels which killed more than 30 people. He said: “We are not here to fight with other mankind or cause bloodshed.” (Click here to read more)


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