Tragic: Pregnant woman dies after accidentally getting neck stuck in railings

  • A pregnant woman dies after getting her head stuck between steel railings
  • The woman reportedly fainted and tried to lean on the railings to get some rest
  • People desperately tried to free her neck from the railings, but to no avail
  • She eventually suffocated to death
  • Paramedics were also unable to save her babies

A pregnant woman suffocated to death after accidentally getting her head stuck in a guard rail in Mizhi County in China’s province of Shaanxi on Monday, March 29.

Pictures and clips of the bizarre incident went viral on Chinese social media recently; with many wondering how the woman’s neck ended up getting stuck between the steel railings in the first place.

Different versions have emerged online how the freak accident happened.

According to Shanghaiist, the woman was just walking on the streets when she suddenly felt dizzy and leaned on the guard rails to try to get some rest. She fainted moments later and ended up getting her neck stuck in the railing.

Another version said the woman had just lifted her two-year-old daughter over the railings to take her to school. She felt dizzy and fainted and got her neck stuck between the guard rails.

Nevertheless, curious netizens in China are wondering whether the railing’s design was flawed and contributed to the tragedy. (Click here to read more)


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