Woman shares story of how Duterte helped her family after dad was gunned down

  • A woman whose father was gunned down in 2009 shared her ‘My Duterte Story’ on Facebook
  • She recalled how Mayor Duterte went out of his way to help her family
  • She said the country needs a leader like Duterte

MANILA, Philippines –  Another ‘My Duterte Story’ shared by a woman whose father was gunned down a few years back is going viral on social media; another testament to Duterte’s brand of leadership and compassion for the people.

The story was shared by one Eula Lois D. Baltazar whose environmentalist-father was shot by gunmen at a restaurant in Davao Oriental in 2009.

“My father was an environmentalist who also fought his own battles to save the environment,” Baltazar wrote on her Facebook account on March 25.

Baltazar recalled receiving a call from her sister on that fateful day while she was in school; telling her that their father had been shot. A friend immediately drove her home while she was crying desperately for a miracle.

Her sister who was at the scene tried to take their father to the nearest hospital but feared he would not be admitted due to several fatal wounds he sustained.

“For the first time in my life I felt so helpless. My dad, my hero, the man I always run to for strength was lying down, fighting for breath in some restaurant miles and miles away from Davao,” she recalled.

It was at this moment that they received a call from the office of Mayor Duterte who told them that the latter had been informed about the shooting and had promised to send them a helicopter so the victim could be airlifted to Mati in Davao City where he has a better chance of getting proper treatment. (Click here to read more)


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