MH370: First potential cabin debris found in Mauritius

  • Another debris which is believed to be part of the missing MH370 was found in Mauritius
  • The fragment appeared to match the bulk head of a Boeing 777 business class cabin
  • If confirmed, it could be the first interior fragment from the missing Malaysian flight

The Australian government is examining another debris found off the coast of Mauritius to determine if it is from the missing Malaysian flight MH370 which disappeared more than two years ago with 239 people on board.

Investigators did not reveal much about what the fragment looked like, but MH370 Independent Group expert Don Thompson told that he saw a photograph of the object and it appeared to match the bulk head of the Boeing 777 business class cabin.

The object, if confirmed to have come from MH370, will be the first interior part to be recovered since it disappeared mysteriously last March 8, 2014.

Australian transportation minister, Darren Chester, confirmed that the wreckage was found by guests at Rodrigues Island; about 350 miles east of Mauritius.

“The Malaysian government is working with officials from Mauritius to seek to take custody of the debris and arrange for its examination,” Chester said in a statement.

A hotel owner who claimed to have personally seen the item said the object has some kind of wallpaper still attached. (Click here to read more)


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