News of girl’s throat slit by man in front of mom rocks Taiwan anew; this time victim survived

  • A man slit a girl’s throat following an argument with her mother in Taiwan
  • The suspect is reported to be an ex-boyfriend of the victim’s mother
  • It’s the second horrible incident to rock Taiwan in less than a week

A 12-year-old girl in Taiwan nearly lost her life after a man slit her throat in front of her own mother in the second horrible news to rock the island-province in less than a week.

The horrifying incident reportedly happened midnight on Thursday, March 31, in Tainan as mentioned in a Shanghaiist article.

The girl reportedly tried to intervene in a heated argument between her mother named Madam Su and a man surnamed Huang; believed to be the latter’s ex-boyfriend who insisted on reconciling with his former flame.

However, as the argument erupted into a full blown physical confrontation, the man held the girl hostage before slitting her throat with a knife when the negotiation failed.

It was not immediately clear what type of knife was used in the attack but the victim sustained a 6-cm-long, 0.5-cm-deep cut across her neck.

Alarmed neighbors quickly rushed to the victim’s home but the suspect had already escaped; leaving the distraught mother and her bloodied daughter behind. (Click here to read more)


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