Video claims Mar Roxas “crowd” photoshopped, but look who were “inserted”

  • A video claims Mar Roxas’ “crowded” venue during a campaign rally was photoshopped
  • Some strange personalities like superheroes and anime characters were allegedly inserted into the crowd
  • Commenters agreed the image was edited for effect but failed miserably

MANILA, Philippines – A video circulating on social media claims that at least one photo uploaded on former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas’ page was edited to make it look like the place where he was speaking was jam-packed with supporters.

The video was uploaded by one Brandon Cueto on You Tube last March 31 and has been viewed almost 30,ooo times. Its Facebook version had more than separate 76,000 views.

The narrator tried to prove that the picture was indeed edited for obvious reasons. He explained that to examine the photo, someone has to look for ‘fillers’.

Upon zooming on a large group of people gathered on what looked like an entrance to the venue, the crowd turned out to be superheroes from the Justice League of America.

And unless the superheroes themselves have officially thrown their support behind the Liberal Party (LP) stalwart, the only conclusion reached is that the image was indeed photoshopped.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Panning to the crowd closer to Roxas and zooming in at the image revealed another group of strange visitors – the dugtrio from the popular Japanese anime’ Pokemon.

The narrator said using the dugtrio is commonly used in photoshopping to make a crowd appear huge.

Many commenters on the thread on Roxas’ page agreed that the image was indeed altered and found some other doubtful elements.

“Some people looked cropped. I would know, did the same thing for my photoshop class before,” one said.

“No depth of field! mas sharp pa ang mga tao sa likod than the ones closer [the people at the back looks sharper than the ones closer],” added another.

Watch the video below.

Source: Kicker Daily News


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