Man jailed for pouring boiling water on co-worker’s head for eating his GF’s hotdog

  • A Malaysian national is sentenced to jail for pouring boiling water over a Chinese co-worker’s head
  • The accused apparently bore a grudge against the victim whom he accused of eating his girlfriend’s hotdog the other day
  • The Chinese victim insisted it was meant to be a joke

A Malaysian national working at a farm produce packing company in New Zealand is facing jail after pouring boiling water over his colleague’s head whom the suspect accused of taking a half-eaten hotdog from his girlfriend’s plate.

The incident took place in July last year, but the accused was sentenced by the Napier District Court only on Tuesday, April 12.

According to TVNZ, accused Kian-wee Show, a Malaysian, poured a bucket of boiling water over Chinese national Bin Wu inside a packed company cafeteria of Turners and Growers in Whakatu, near Hasting last July 25.

Apparently, Show bore a grudge against Bin who allegedly took the hotdog from his girlfriend’s lunch pack the previous day.

In a video uploaded on You Tube, Show can be seen standing in a crowded table, as if waiting for the right timing to carry out his plot.

Seconds later, he left the table and grabbed a bucket before filling it with boiling water from a dispensing machine. He then casually walked towards the victim’s table and poured the hot water over the man’s head. (Click here to read more and watch the video)


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