Viral: This Saudi man bats for Duterte as next PH president

  • A Saudi man is seen campaigning for Mayor Duterte in a viral video
  • He described Duterte as the ‘last chance’ for the Filipinos
  • He also urged the OFWs not to accept if someone else ‘will take over’ Malacañang by cheating

A video of a man from Saudi Arabia making a pitch for a Philippine presidential candidate has been going viral on social media.

The clip was uploaded by one Shane Pacalna Macapodi on Facebook on March 25 and has been viewed more than 1.2 million times with over 8,200 shares and nearly 15,000 likes.

The unidentified Saudi man can be seen speaking briefly before a crowd of Filipinos gathered at the Yamama Sports Center in Riyadh.

Surprisingly, the man knows a lot about Davao City – from its popular mayor and now presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte to its fabled peace and order reputation.

He said the police in Davao is different from others because, according to him, “in some other cities, you cannot go outside during night time.”

“We wish that all Philippines will be the same with Davao [sic],” he declared; drawing applause from the audience. The man added this will not be possible unless “our Mayor Duterte” is to be elected. (Click here to read more)

He also urged the OFWs not to accept if somebody else will take over the presidency by cheating.

In his final statement, the Saudi man said: “We have to secure everything, monitor everything and watch everything. He has to be in Malacañang soon.”

Among the five presidential candidates, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, perhaps, has the largest support base from OFWs all over the world; with many groups and pages sprouting on social media declaring their support for his presidential bid.


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