Watch: Huge python captured in Malaysia could be the world’s longest ever caught

  • A huge reticulated python was found by workers near a construction site in Malaysia
  • The reptile, measuring 8 meters (26 feet), could have been a contender for the world’s longest snake ever caught
  • However, the snake reportedly died after laying an egg on Sunday

A large python found by workers at a construction site in Malaysia could become a strong contender for the longest snake ever caught.

The reptile is weighing around 250 kilograms and measures 8 meters (26 feet) which could topple the longest snake on record.

It was captured while curled up a tree near the site of the new flyover being built in Paya Terubong in Penang. The workers immediately called the Civil Defense department which took nearly 30 minutes to completely capture the snake.

The reticulated python, a species of snake normally found in Southeast Asia, was taken to the local civil defense office. It will be handed over to the state wildlife conservation agency for proper disposal. (Click here to watch the video and read more)


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