Young woman tries to jump off a river after breaking up with 69-year-old BF

  • An emotionally distressed young woman was found by passersby near a river
  • The woman reportedly threatened to throw herself off a river after breaking up with her boyfriend
  • She claimed her BF was 50 years old but police later found out he was actually older
  • The man admitted he never liked the girl and she was only trying to cheat him out of his money

A young woman in China threatened to jump off a river after breaking up with her older boyfriend who left her without any explanation.

The story made the rounds on China social media recently; baffling netizens how a young girl could fall so hard for a man old enough to be her father.

The Shanghaiist said in its article the young lady was found emotionally distressed and was ready to throw herself into the Han River in Xiangyang City a few days ago. She was eventually rescued by passers-by who took her to a police station for questioning.

However, the police were shocked after the woman named Xiao Yun started pouring out her heart; revealing what drove her to try to end her life.

She said she was searching for her lover surnamed Liu, who is believed to be a migrant worker.

“None of you can save me, you can only find him, if you have any compassion, you will help me find him,” Shanghaiist quoted her as telling the police. (Click here to read more)


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