Ex-Mutya ng Davao who went missing for 2 weeks finally found

  • A former Mutya ng Davao winner went missing for nearly two weeks
  • The family has sought the help of the authorities and social media to locate the missing woman
  • She was finally found staying at an undisclosed hotel, a relative has confirmed
  • The family requested privacy on the matter

MANILA, Philippines – The former Davao City beauty queen who was reported missing by her family for nearly two weeks has finally been found staying, a local police official confirmed on Thursday, April 14.

Mary Carmel Osmeña, a former Mutya ng Dabaw 2002 titleholder has been reported missing since April 2. Her father, Celso, sought the help of the authorities to find her missing 34-year-old daughter.

The family also appealed for help from social media users via a Facebook post, the Sun Star Cebu mentioned in its article on the story of Osmeña’s disappearance.

According to the police, Osmeña, who is married a British national, has withdrawn P40,000 cash from her bank account at the Banco de Oro-SM-Ecoland branch around 3:28 pm on April 4, two days after she disappeared.

She had never been heard since and the family started searching for her in Tagum and Digos. The father said her daughter had intended to enter the convent if she could not bear a child with her husband.

The Sun Star said the couple’s relationship had been on the rocks and the woman stayed with her parents.

The family also searched all the convents around the province but could not find the former beauty queen.

However, on Thursday, Osmeña’s father received a call from someone claiming to be a security guard telling him that his missing daughter had been staying at their hotel.

“The description of the security guard on Mary Carmel was confirmed by Celso,” Davao City Police Office (DCPO) spokesperson Milgrace Cajes Driz told Sun Star in phone interview. (Click here to read more)


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