Viral: Distraught mom shares how husband raped her daughter in harrowing clip

  • A mother from Colorado revealed how her husband sexually assaulted her teenage daughter in a heartbreaking video
  • She narrates the harrowing story through flash cards
  • The clip has gone viral on social media, raking in more than 50 million views in a week

A distraught mother from Loveland, Colorado has taken to social media to reveal how her husband sexually abused her 15-year-old daughter through a heartbreaking video.

In a series of cards she flashes on the camera, Catherine St. Germain, 34, narrated in details how her husband of less than a year, Aaron Tyrell Scott, fooled him into believing she finally found the man of her dreams.

Scott is also separated from his previous wife and has 3 kids himself, with his eldest only one year younger than Catherine’s. He was a former US Navy and a cop at Mooresville at North Carolina.

“His friends adored him. He was close with his mom. He loved riding his bike,” St. Germain wrote on the flash cards.

She also described Scott as hardworking, very intelligent, charming and romantic.

“I thought I finally found my “happily ever after,” she said. They eventually got married in June 2014 and Catherine said she was very happy that time.

However, she got a call from the police on April 23, 2015, the night before Scott sexually abused her daughter Alyssa.

The two eventually got separated on September of the same year. (Click here to read more)



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