What a douchebag: Drunk ‘millionaire’ thrown off a flight after bragging riches, IQ

A man from California claiming to be a millionaire was thrown off a JetBlue flight following a rowdy episode where he was captured on a cellphone camera bragging his riches and yelling obscenities at crew members while intoxicated.

The disgraced passenger was identified in a Daily Mail article as David Brackett, the vice president of Homeland Financial Network – a California-based real estate and mortgage company.

Bracket was caught on video by another passenger name Sarah Walter Bear disobeying the crew of the Sacramento-bound JetBlue flight from Long Beach and shouting at other people including two men who were also escorted out by security.

At one point, after introducing himself as a millionaire, Bracket was heard telling a man in white shirt:  “Eat s**t and die, I wasn’t f*****g talking to you!”

“Nerd? Look to yourself, sir. Mister bald-can’t-grow-a-set-of-hair. I’m 28 and I make $4 million a year, what do you do?” Bracket arrogantly quipped at the man.

But the man in white shirt retorted back, apparently annoyed at Bracket’s drunkenness and brazen attitude. (Click here to read more)



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