Family friend believes Jesse may have been assassinated; bares reason why she’s not supporting Leni (100% UC)

• A netizen claiming to be a family friend of the Robredos revealed the reasons why she opted not to vote for any VP bet
• She also recalled her conversations with the late Jesse Robredo who confessed his struggles as DILG chief back then
• The sharer admitted she is supporting Mayor Duterte over Mar Roxas

MANILA, Philippines – A netizen claiming to be a family friend to the Robredos has posted a lengthy blog on Facebook; explaining why she is not supporting the tandem of Roxas-Robredo (RoRo), and more specifically, why she was disappointed with Leni’s decision to run alongside Mar.

In her Facebook post which has since been deleted after it went viral on social media, Eva Marie Poon also recalled her conversation with the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo who supposedly confessed to her his struggles within the department.

“Alam ni Mam Leni (Mam Leni knows) how much I admire each and every member of her incredible family hence I have been asked so many times why I am not ‪#‎RoRo‬ as everyone expected,” Poon wrote in her post.

Why not Leni?

Poon shared her own struggles why she opted not to vote for any VP bet despite everyone thinking Leni “is the lesser evil choice because she is simple and sincere.”

“I agree on all those points and laud and love her for it but it doesn’t mean that is the best choice for me or for us. We shouldn’t settle. I sincerely wished she had said no to Mar then I would’ve applauded her for it,” she said.

Poon narrated she used to meet Jesse Robredo on Christmas dinners every year and remembers many lessons she learnt from Naga City’s ex-mayor, whom she described as “the one truly honest politician in a sea of dishonest wolves.”

During one of their last conversations, Jesse supposedly told her he needed her prayers. Asked why, the late mayor said: “Alam mo ba Eva sa purchasing of firetrucks pa lang, kung bibigay ako, isang pirma lang, I get nine million per district.” [Did you know Eva, from purchasing firetrucks alone, if I will have to succumb, one signature will get me nine million per district.]

Suspicions of assassination

It was those words, Ms. Poon said, that led her to believe Jesse Robredo may have been ordered killed.

“To be honest, I believed the stories and suspicions that the government did it…that maybe he was assassinated,” she wrote. “Because he was not going with the flow I believed in the possibility. I struggled to accept that the bodyguard lived and he didn’t.”

She said the sight of Aquino people standing beside Leni at Jesse’s wake freaked her out. But it was when Mar Roxas took over the DILG post that they lost her fully.

“He (Mar) was never a mayor who dealt with local government, policemen, etc. and sure enough, he proved, all by himself, what a disappointment he could be,” she further wrote.

But Jesse’s widow eventually agreeing to run as vice president for Roxas shocked her even more. Poon said it is impossible to believe that Leni was not aware of the ‘firetruck story”.

“So why is she choosing to support the gov’t that she knows firsthand still supports graft and corruption?” Ms. Poon asked. (Click here to read more)


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