Beastmode guy in viral video identified; becomes Pinoy netizens’ ‘Public Enemy No.1’

• The arrogant man in viral video has been identified as Mike Musni Arellano
• Netizens were up in arms to condemn the man’s verbal abuse of the female passenger
• He is now touted as the netizens’ ‘Public Enemy No. 1’

MANILA, Philippines – A man who was caught on cam berating, then later punching a lady passenger, over disagreement on seat inside a UV express has turned into the most hated man on Philippine social media at the moment.

A viral post by one Soy Gonzales that includes a three-part mobile clip, narrated how the man, later identified as Mike Musni Arellano, harassed the poor female student she called ‘Joana’ after a brief argument over a seat.

Musni, who was with his wife, can be heard raising his voice and cursing at the woman who tried to stand her ground against the rude man.

“Sorry, gusto mong mag-sorry ako sayo,” Musni asked the student. “Bakit ka nagagalit, may problema ka pa ba?” [Sorry?, you want me to apologize to you? Why are you angry? do you still have problems?]

When the woman attempted to respond to Musni’s verbal abuse, she was immediately cut-off and threatened.

“Manahimik ka. Isa pang salita mo. P***I***! Akala nito hindi ako pumapatol sa babae. Isa pang salita… T***I*** mo,” the man can be heard admonishing the woman. [Shut up. Another word from you. (Expletives). You think I don’t pick fight with a woman? Another word… (Expletives). (Click here to read more)


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