HK OFW claims she voted for Duterte but Roxas came out in the ballot 

• An OFW from Hong Kong claimed she voted for Mayor Duterte but Roxas’ name came out in her ballot
• She complained to poll officials but was given a hard time
• Nevertheless, the determined OFW stood her ground until she got what she wanted

HONG KONG – An ardent supporter of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in Hong Kong has claimed she was ‘robbed’ of her vote after her ballot came out showing administration bet Mar Roxas’ name instead.

In an emotional interview, overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Cecile Caluya said she went to the polling precinct in Bayanihan and voted for Duterte as her president. She even double-checked her ballots to make sure that she shaded the correct names before feeding it to the machine.

To her utter shock, however, the voting receipt came back with Mar Roxas’ name.

Disturbed and disappointed at the same time, she went on to complain but was told she may have committed an error in shading the ballots.

However, Caluya said she stood firm that she voted for Duterte and no one else. She was then told to fill up an affidavit and was asked to see one of the poll secretaries.

Not contented with how things turned out, Caluya narrated she sought the help of volunteers who suggested she needed to get the ballot number.

Initially, her request was refused but Caluya stood her ground. She was also assured her ballot will be counted for Duterte. (Click here to read more)



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