Netizen to gift Duterte with customized Nike shoes…and it’s awesome 

• A Duterte supporter has ordered a customized shoes from Nike as a gift to the feisty Davao City mayor
• The shoe’s design include the words “Rodrigo”, ‘Duterte”, “DU” and “30” etched on both pairs
• It is expected to be delivered on June 2, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – A die-hard fan of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has taken his support for the presidential aspirant to a whole new level by ordering a customized shoes from Nike for ‘Tatay Digong’.

Apparently Leno Monteclaro Cupay was inspired to gift Duterte a pair of sneakers after a photo of the tough-talking mayor wearing a worn-out shoes went viral on social media.

Duterte, known for his humble attires and simple lifestyle, jokingly said his shoes were broken when a crowd of supporters step on them during a campaign rally.

In a viral Facebook post on May 2, Cupay said he ordered the customized shoes online from the popular sports apparel as a ‘simple gift’ to Duterte.

The shoes will have “Rodrigo” and “DU” etched on the left pair and “Duterte” and “30” on the right. Its color will also be patterned after the Philippine flag, which is supposedly the outspoken mayor’s favorite color.

Cupay also posted a screenshot of the order and acknowledgement receipt from Nike.

The size-9 sneakers would cost Cupay $225 (P10,632) plus $20.25 (P956) tax for a total of $245.25 (P11.588) at prevailing dollar rate. (Click here to read more)


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