Ryan Reynolds writes touching tribute to Deadpool fan who died from cancer

• Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds wrote a touching tribute to ayoung Deadpool fan who died from cancer a few days ago
• The boy was the very first person to watch the superhero film through the Make-A –Wish Foundation
• It was the film that brought them together and became friends

Actor Ryan Reynolds poured out his heart in tear-jerking tribute to a young Deadpool fan who had just recently succumbed to cancer.

In a Facebook post, the Hollywood hunk recalled how his young friend Connor Macgrath struggled to ‘drop-kick’ cancer for three straight years until the fight eventually came to an end last week – maybe because, to his own words, ‘cancer cheated’ the boy.

“Connor was 13. But this kid… He was smart. He was funny. And not just funny ‘for a kid’ – or funny ‘for a person battling something awful’. He was unqualified funny. He had that… thing,” Reynolds wrote, adding: “That thing you see in great performers or comedy writers. A running commentary/observational skill people are just lucky to be born with.”

Reynolds said his young friend went too early, which is impossible to reconcile; describing the brave boy as “a great friend, a great son, and a light to the people lucky enough to know him.”

Connor was the very first person to watch Deadpool through the arrangement made by the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. Although he get to watch only a rough cut of the superhero film which starred Reynolds, he didn’t seem to mind. (Click here to read more)


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