Can’t move on? Netizens score Jim Paredes for posting ‘blasphemous’ anti-Duterte meme

  • APO singer Jim Paredes posted an anti-Duterte meme on Twitter
  • Netizens quickly reacted to the meme which was described by others as ‘blasphemous’ and disrespectful of a ‘sacred image’
  • But Paredes refused to back down and defended his controversial meme

MANILA, Philippines  – Twitter users have criticized former APO Hiking Society member Jim Paredes for posting an anti-Duterte meme that used what looked like the image of Sto. Niño which is considered sacred in the Roman Catholic Church.

In his May 24 Twitter post, Paredes (@Jimparedes) superimposed President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s face into an image with a golden crown which closely resembles that of the image of the Holy Child.

He captioned his meme: “I now reject the Son of God from Davao.. I believe in Duterteronomy as my bible.”

The veteran OPM singer’s post was quickly flooded with comments from Twitter users who expressed their disappointment with Paredes’ apparent disrespect of a religious icon. He was also lambasted for his seeming refusal to move on from the outcome of the May 9 election where Duterte won convincingly against Roxas with an overwhelming margin.

“Mr. Jim Paredes..ang tanda mo na..but you act not appropriate sa edad mo..ganyan siguro talaga mga laos,” one commenter wrote.

[Mr. Jim Paredes, you’re old already… but you act not appropriate to your age. Maybe, that’s how ‘has-beens’ are.]

“Move on na tau.Kumnta ka nlng. di Dios ang tingin ng tao kay DU30 sya ang boses ng bayan.Pnalo nmn ang lugaw queen mo.Shutup na,” said another; apparently referring to VP-elect Leni Robredo as the ‘lugaw queen’.

[Let’s move on. Please just sing. DU30 is not a God, but rather the voice of the people. Your ‘lugaw queen’ has won, anyway. Just shut up.]

One more disappointed user responded to Paredes’ tweet: “I may not be as professional or as successful as you but at least I know what’s unethical. This post of yours is unethical.”

“If you don’t respect Pres. Duterte, you should have at least respect the image of Sto. Niño,” another added. “With that crown, eh Sto. Niño po talaga yan eh. Nakakatanda po kayo, wag nyo naman pong lokohin mga batang gaya ko.” [With that crown, that’s really Sto. Nino. You are older than us, please don’t fool us kids.”] (Click here to read more)




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