This man has been ‘killed’ in 3 terror attacks across the globe…find out why

  • A man has died in all the recent three terror attacks, according to his erstwhile friends he conned out of their money
  • He was listed as victim of the EgyptAir crash, the Orlando shooting and the Ataturk airport attack, ‘dying’ in all of them
  • The man is actually a victim of his former pals’ cruel prank on Twitter

If this man’s erstwhile friends were to be believed, he was present in all the past three terror attacks; dying in one of them, only to resurface in the next, and die again.

But a Mexican man named ‘Alfonso’ does not have the cat’s so-called ‘nine lives’ and is actually a victim of a cruel prank by his friends who claimed he owed them money.

Alfonso first ‘died’ in the EgyptAir Flight MS 804 that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea last May 19, killing all the 66 people on board.

@EGYPTAIR my brother traveled there, I’m scared for his life. Please help me,” wrote one of the Twitter user Perro al-Baghdadi, presumably one of the friends ‘Alfonso conned. The post came with the ‘victim’s’ photo.

Then the man, whose real name has not been revealed, also became a victim of the fatal Orlando nightclub shooting where 49 people died and 53 others wounded.

His faced resurfaced again in a New York Times video and a BBC article as one of the hapless victims who were killed by 29-year-old shooter Omar Mateen.

His third ‘death’ came in the Ataturk Airport attack in Turkey last June 28 where 45 people were killed and more than 200 others wounded.

“#help my brother Alfonso was on #Atatürk Airport and we dont know anything about him, help please help #Turkey,” read another tweet by @marty_batiato who shared a different photo of the same man.

A cruel prank

But according to France 24, who spoke with some of Alfonso’s former pals, the man who was killed three times in a series of recent terror attacks was alive.

He allegedly conned his friends out of their money and disappeared. (Click here to read more)


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