Witness in Quiapo road rage recalls Garalde’s last words: “Pare, saglit”

  • A number of witnesses have given their testimony on the viral road rage incident in Quiapo
  • One witness recalled first-hand account of the altercation between the two men before the shooting
  • He also recalled Garalde’s last words as “Pare, saglit”
  • Other witnesses, who refused to be identified, said they did not intervene because both men are obviously “parehong matapang”
  • An unidentified woman who was with Tanto in the car also allegedly tried to stop the Army reservist from shooting Garalde

MANILA, Philippines – A number of witnesses have come forward to give their testimony in the Quiapo road rage incident that ended up in the killing of 35-year-old biker Mark Vincent Garalde on Monday night, July 25.

The same witnesses have positively identified Vhon Tanto, a 39-year-old Army reservist, as the driver of the red Hyundai Eon who shot and killed Garalde after a brief brawl before speeding away in his vehicle.

According to Inquirer, one witness named Bryan Yu recalled he first saw the two men along Arlegui Street – Garalde on his bicycle and Tanto in his car. The two were apparently both fuming mad and Tanto was chasing Garalde until he managed to block the latter’s car at Casal Street.

Another heated exchange ensued between the two until Tanto got off and started the fistfight with Garalde.

The fistfight lasted for more than a minute and some onlookers, according to other witnesses who refused to be identified, cheered as the two men slugged each other out. Other bystanders also said they decided not to intervene because, obviously, both Tanto and Garalde were “parehong matapang” [both daring].

When it was apparent that Tanto was losing the fight, and got locked by Garalde, the two men eventually separated and walked away from each other –Tanto back to his car and Garalde to his bike. (Click here to read more)


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