Netizens outraged by video of alleged rape victim in Tagum, call for restoration of death penalty

  • A video of an alleged rape victim in Tagum City is going viral on social media
  • The incident sparked outrage among social media users
  • Angry netizens renewed calls for the restoration of death penalty in the country

MANILA, Philippines – A viral video of an alleged rape victim in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte has been making the rounds on social media and has sparked outrage among netizens for its sheer brutality.

While the victim remains unidentified, website Pinoy Trending News mentioned in its article that the girl is around 18-19 years old. She was reportedly found inside her apartment in Purok Narra, Brgy.  Visayan Village in Tagum around 3 pm on Wednesday, August 17.

Neighbors reportedly sensed something was wrong inside the girl’s unit when they noticed the door was slightly opened.

They then found the hapless victim lying unconscious on the floor, naked and tied, with her undergarment pulled down to her toes. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and is now recovering.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the incident to determine the identity of the suspect or suspects who remain at large. (Click here to read more)


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